About us

European Views is an EU-focused news platform with a simple vision: that the European Union can, and should, be far more than the sum of its parts.

Taking a wide view

European Views is an independent news site, dedicated to covering the latest developments from inside the Berlaymont as well in national capitals and from there to the European neighbourhood.

Our team takes a granular look at the debates polarizing decision makers, from security and trade to competition and environment.

A unique journalistic view

The European Views team of reporters brings together a wide range of perspectives from every corner of Europe.


An emphasis on the Union

While each member of our journalistic team comes from a different country and background, they all share the conviction that the EU is the most important global initiative since the founding of the United Nations.

Our reporting is fair and objective, but our editorial line is clear: forward-thinking cooperation, not retrograde nationalism, is the only way forward for a peaceful and prosperous Europe.