Extreme Freezing Temperatures Numb Norway

Extreme Freezing Temperatures Numb Norway

Norway is gearing up for extreme freezing temperatures below -25° following a snowstorm that caused catastrophes in the state’s southern part, numbing the country.

Most Extreme Freezing Temperatures Ever Recorded

On December 30th, Oslo forecast an extreme freezing temperature that went between – 20° and -25°. This kind of weather means that Oslo would be the coldest capital it has been in 44 years.

“The last time it was this cold in Oslo in January was January 1st 1979. Then -24.4° was measured at Blindern,” said Elin Lundstad, a climate researcher at the Meteorological Institute.

In 1942, Norway’s capital recorded the coldest weather at -26°. The last time the temperatures dropped in the capital was below -20° in 2010.

The frigidness that Oslo is experiencing right now is due to the high pressure from the east. It also includes icy air masses from Siberia that blanket Norway and Scandinavia.

An air mass is a huge volume of air with similar temperatures and moisture elements throughout. It envelops several hundred and even thousands of square miles, adopting the complexities of the surface below them.

When the air mass starts to move away from its source region, concealed vegetation and water bodies can rapidly alter its character. It’s classified based on its region of origin such as Arctic (A), Antarctic (AA), Polar (P), Tropical (T), or Equatorial (E). Likewise, it’s categorised by the course followed by the air mass, such as Continental (c) or Maritime (m).

Air masses initially hit Norway on Tuesday (January 2), where temperatures dropped to -35.5° in the country’s far north. As the week forges ahead, the condition could plunge to -40°. The valley zones of the region’s eastern part could experience intense cold weather of -30° in some areas.

On the other hand, the rest of the east and large parts of Trøndelag county would have a forecast of between -30° to -20°. Norway’s western and southern coastal areas are anticipated to evade the most unpleasant low temperatures with a forecast of -5°.

Heavy Snow Shrouded Southern Norway

Thick layers of 70 cm of snow shrouded Southern Norway, specifically in Arendal in just one day. According to the weather forecast, there would be an additional 40 cm of snowfall. Due to heavy snow, local authorities shut down schools and kindergartens for safety.

The large volume of snowfall paralysed mail delivery and interrupted garbage collection services. Residents were recommended to instead work remotely because of the hazardous weather conditions.

The severity of the situation along the coast exceeded those in the mountains. Fortunately, roads managed to remain operational. But motorists need to bear prolonged queues to join escorted convoys.

Moreover, a new cold front is coming and will bring dipping temperatures that could linger into the following week. It will affect Oslo residents and other areas. With Norway dealing with a continuous deluge of snow, authorities urge non-stop caution. They advised residents to stay home and make preparations for more worrisome weather conditions to come.

Denmark, Poland, and Sweden are also experiencing the same fate as Norway. Skåne in southern Sweden and northern Jutland in Denmark could experience possible local flooding because of the extreme freezing temperatures.

The gravity of the weather has hampered ferry operations between Sweden and Poland. The snowy situation left thousands of Norwegians stranded in snowdrifts as they shovel their way out of the thick snow.

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