Confirmed: Russia Uses North Korean Ballistic Missiles to Attack Ukraine

Confirmed: Russia Uses North Korean Ballistic Missiles to Attack Ukraine

Washington has confirmed Russia uses North Korean ballistic missiles to help with its war with Ukraine.

Sanctions Imposed on North Korean Ballistic Missiles Transfer to Russia

According to the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the U.S. State Department slapped three Russian entities and an individual associated with conveying and testing North Korean ballistic missiles for Russia to use against Ukraine.

The measure came two days following a joint statement by the US and its allies. They criticised arms transfers between North Korea and Russia, defining it as Russia’s acquisition of NK ballistic missiles and Moscow’s utilisation of those against Ukraine on December 30, 2023 and January 2, 2024.

Both Russia and North Korea have become closer since the start of Russia’s Ukraine invasion. In September of last year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s Far East region while senior Russian officials visited Pyongyang several times.

Since 2006, North Korea has been under a UN arms sanction for testing a nuclear bomb. The UN Security Council resolutions ban countries from trading weapons or other military equipment with the East Asian country.

White House identified that Russia used North Korean-made short-range ballistic missiles to carry out multiple offences against Ukraine. A senior Ukrainian proved the allegation true.

Last week, Russia’s bombardment of Kharkiv with several missiles left two people dead and wounded 60 others. It’s one of the most massive missile drone strikes since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Blinken said they won’t think twice about taking further actions regarding North Korea’s allocation of ballistic missiles to Russia. The transfer only means that NK supports Russia’s belligerence against Ukraine, increasing the people’s suffering. Moreover, it sabotages the worldwide arms reduction regime.

Evidence of North Korea’s Support to Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Missiles that struck Ukraine’s eastern region were North Korean-made, according to a Ukrainian official. This is proof that North Korea supports Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s research institute gathered and examined missile debris from Russia’s bombardment of Kharkiv on January 2 of this year. Their findings showed that it matched North Korea’s KN-23 short-range ballistic missiles. This is the first time that Kyiv has indicated Russia’s use of North Korean-made missiles since it attacked Ukraine.

“North Korea is the only nation in the world that is making missiles which have the same characteristics as those we have found from the wreckage, so we have concluded that they are definitely KN-23s,” the Ukrainian official said.

South Korea’s Defense Minister Shin Won-sik claimed that its counterpart could provide Russia with a new kind of ballistic missile, which could carry tactical weapons. He said the mobile launchers are mountable in close-range ballistic missiles, and these could be sold to Russia.

Slovakia Needs Further Evidence

About 50 countries are criticising the affirmed transfer of ballistic missiles from North Korea to Russia to bombard Ukraine. Slovakia is on the verge of joining, however, it requires appropriate evidence before signing. Hungary and Slovakia were the only EU member states that haven’t signed yet the joint statement that the US initiated.

According to Slovakia’s PM Robert Fico, his government honours that international agreements embargo the use of such missiles. He added they will denounce any violations if they are proven, exactly the way they condemned the use of the Russian arsenal in Ukraine.

Image Credit: Shinntarou/WikimediaCommons


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