Vladimir Putin is Having a Hard Time Conquering Avdiivka

Vladimir Putin is Having a Hard Time Conquering Avdiivka

It seems obvious that within two months of the Russian offence on Avdiivka, the Ukrainian city remains strong and keeps Putin’s troops at bay.

Shifting Resources of Counterattacks

Looks like the Russian forces are running out of counterattacks and seeking new strategies to control Avdiivka. Their offence is quite dwindling, but it doesn’t mean they are already giving up. As they switch resources somewhere in Ukraine’s southern and eastern parts, Russian troops are planning to gird Avdiivka but not directly attack it.

They will deploy a new kind of night-flying attack drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles can shut down Ukrainian supply lines into Avdiivka. The garrison might need to withdraw, even after carrying on for months against Russian tanks and infantry attacks.

If the Ukrainian troops could do the same as their fellow soldiers in the south did with the drones, Avdiivka might endure. They would use electronic jamming to shut down Russian drones.

“The overall situation for the Ukrainian forces [in Avdiivka] has stabilized, as the Russian offensive appears to have reached its peak. Russian forces have lost eagerness to assault and the number of operational equipment has been severely reduced,” said Frontelligence Insight.

The Ukrainian intelligence outlet added that Avdiivka’s logistical situation has debilitated for Ukrainian troops further. Regardless of harnessing nighttime supply routes to eschew drone targeting, Russian forces now wield  FPV drones. These drones are equipped with night-vision cameras, which makes it hard to deploy forces even in the dark.

An FPV drone has a built-in camera that remotely transmits video footage to goggles, a headset, mobile devices, or another display, such as a laptop. The user has a first-person view of the surroundings where the front flies and may take video or still images.

These short-range drones can be used as lethal weapons, which can be controlled through a radio. Ukrainian and Russian forces deploy thousands of FPV drones across the 600-mile frontline. They might be everywhere, but not always.

The majority of Russian-deployed drones don’t have infrared cameras. Ukrainian forces took advantage of it, allowing them to sneak ammunition, supplies, and new Ukrainian soldiers.

Russia Recruits Disabled Soldiers for Avdiivka Deployment

Despite their conditions, Russia will still recruit disabled soldiers to create presumed “disabled” units. Kremlin wants to ‘finish off the unfinished ones.’ Does that mean they want to kill the soldiers who survived the war? Doctors signified the practice as true.

The Russian Ministry of Defense schemed changes to the army recruitment medical examination procedure. It will consider the exposure of a military operation and factor out diseases that don’t crucially affect the capability to do military service responsibilities.

Inevitably, Russian fighters formerly sent to convalescent regiments due to injuries are returned to the frontlines in assault units. According to reports, they didn’t undergo a military medical commission or even receive adequate medical treatment.

Russian soldier Mikhail suffered an injury from shrapnel in April 2023, which created a hole in his leg bone. He was sent to a convalescent regiment, however, he didn’t receive appropriate medical care.

“Ligaments are damaged, bone is damaged. The hole in his leg is growing every month, there is an inflammatory process. Now we are waiting with our suitcases for him to be sent to the front… He has five stumps instead of teeth, and you can’t take a blender with you there,” said Mikhail’s wife.

She asserted that a traumatologist categorized Mikhail as “B” with no suitable examination. It means that with restrictions, his husband can go back to war and fight for Putin. According to reports, doctors were ordered to send “crippled” soldiers back to the frontline.

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