Quran Burnings Change Sweden’s Prestige

Quran Burnings Change Sweden’s Prestige

This year, paradigms of Quran burnings transpired in Sweden, the most evident on June 28. Iraqi refugee, Salwan Momika tore some pages of the holy scripture and set it on fire outside the Stockholm Mosque during the Islamic Eid al-Adha festival.

Such impudence caused an uproar, criticism, and worldwide protests in the Muslim realm. It seems that once isn’t enough for Momika who burned the Quran again in Stockholm on July 20th. It provoked more contradictions and attacks, involving arson against the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad.

The Swedish government reproached the burning of the  Quran and called it “Islamophobic,” adding that it didn’t illustrate the government’s view. The occurrences compelled an argument in Sweden regarding the freedom of speech and the right to disrespect against what adds up to hate speech under Swedish statute.

Sweden stated that a Russia-backed disinformation network erroneously claimed the Swedish government allowed Quran burnings to spoil Sweden’s probability of allying with NATO.

The Swedish authorities charged Momika with a preliminary hate crime, while the state prosecutors decided whether to formally accuse him. When they do, the judge will determine if his actions created provocations under the existing law.

Quran Burnings Stained the Public’s Perception of Sweden

With the prevalent Quran burnings that occurred in Sweden, no wonder that the country’s reputation became damaged.

On Thursday, Sweden’s counter-terrorism chief, Fredrik Hallstrom warned that repeated incidents of burning of Quran have changed the public’s perception of Sweden. He said the country will likely have to live with it for the meantime and need to survive with that perception.

Sweden’s prestige that circulates globally will keep dominating, particularly on social media. He added that security threats will increase for a period of time.

The country futhered its terror level to high after Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson stated that Sweden became a “prioritized target” for terrorists. Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer added the security situation looks gloomy.

Sweden experienced widespread condemnation, specifically by the Muslim world, for Quran desecration to ensue under the ploy of free speech.

Earlier this month, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) requested member states to reinforce relevant political and economic measures on the country and other nations where the Quran is allowed to get burned.

Last week, Denmark announced it will make the burning of religious texts a crime. However, Sweden still considers its legal option.

Does Sweden Really Allow Burning of Quran?

Since then, Sweden has been known to tolerate and embrace human rights. Surprisingly, the country is facing accusations of becoming a cradle for Islamophobia and prejudice. The constant Quran burnings sparked a strong response in the Muslim world and beyond.

The desecation o fthe Muslim holy book resulted in a geopolitical conflagration due to Sweden’s accession to NATO. This instigated to the country’s bid to become a sacrificial lamb to Turkey President Erdogan’s idiosyncrasies. The government’s exaggerated acceptance of human rights (including religion) goes in discord with Sweden’s institutional accord and to communitarian claims that’s antagonistic.

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