EU Adopts 11th Package of Russian Sanctions

EU Adopts 11th Package of Russian Sanctions

The European Council has adopted an eleventh package of economic and individual restrictive measures intended to strengthen existing EU sanctions and crack down on their circumvention, thereby further eroding Putin’s war machine and his revenues.

Amongst the measures included in the new package are the strengthening of cooperation with third countries to combat the circumvention of existing sanctions, further sanctions on the transit of goods and technology, increased import and export controls and restrictions, and the suspension of broadcasting licences to five additional media outlets.

Commenting on the new package of sanctions, Josep Borrell, European Council High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said, ‘Our sanctions are already taking a heavy toll on the Russian economy and on the Kremlin’s ability to finance its aggression. Today’s package increases our pressure on Russia and Putin’s war machine. By tackling sanctions circumvention, we will maximise pressure on Russia by depriving it further of the resources it so desperately needs to allow it to pursue its illegal war against Ukraine.’

The agreed package includes the following measures:

  • Circumvention tool

In order to address the growing circumvention of EU sanctions, the EU has decided to further strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with third countries, and the provision of technical assistance.

Only in those cases where cooperation does not yield the intended results, the EU will take action, which is solely aimed at depriving Russia of the resources enabling it to continue the war against Ukraine, in the form of appropriate individual measures addressing the involvement of third-country operators in facilitating circumvention.

  • Transit ban

To further minimise the risk of sanctions’ circumvention, the transit via the territory of Russia of more goods and technology which may contribute to Russia’s military and technological enhancement or to the development of the defence or security sector, goods and technology suited for use in aviation or space industry and jet fuel and fuel additives, exported from the EU to third countries, is prohibited.

  • Import-export controls and restrictions

The Council added additional 87 entities to the list of entities directly supporting Russia’s military and industrial complex in its war of aggression against Ukraine. They will be subject to tighter export restrictions concerning dual use goods and technologies.

The list includes four Iranian entities manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and providing them to Russia, other third-country entities involved in the circumvention of trade restrictions, and certain Russian entities involved in the development, production and supply of electronic components for Russia’s military and industrial complex.

Other measures include the suspension of broadcasting licences for an additional five media outlets in order to combat media manipulation, the extension of the prohibition to transport goods into the EU by road to trailers and semi-trailers registered in Russia, and the end of the temporary derogation granted to Germany and Poland for the supply of crude oil from Russia through the northern section of the Druzhba oil pipeline.

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She is the founder of GoWrite, a business writing and public relations consultancy. Her work has appeared in a range of national and international media and trade publications. She is also a traditionally published novelist of commercial fiction.

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