What Lies Ahead for Britain After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

What Lies Ahead for Britain After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. This indicates the beginning of an emotional 10-day bereavement for the United Kingdom to see a queen laid to rest. The whole nation will mourn the death of its longest-reigning ruler and wait for the proclamation of Prince Charles as the new king.

What Caused Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

The 96-year-old longest-reigning British monarch died peacefully at her home at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday afternoon, September 8. The King and The Queen Consort (Prince Charles and Camilla) stayed at the  Balmoral that day and returned to London the following day.

The Queen went under medical care because of her doctors’ worry regarding her health. They suggested she remains under medical care, the royal palace added.

Meeting the UK’s new prime minister Elizabeth Truss was one of her last official functions prior to her death. An expert saw a photo of the two and noticed the Queen’s hand that has a bruise-like appearance.

“It looks like there is possibly evidence of peripheral vascular disease. It’s a blood circulation disorder that causes the blood vessels outside of your heart and brain to narrow, block, or spasm,” said Dr Deb Cohen-Jones.

She added that it can occasionally lead to heart failure. When peripheral circulation is poor, it means that organs are not getting a good supply of blood. That could be a sign of multi-organ failure.

It could have been that Queen Elizabeth II endures a lot of pain based on the photo, showing the severity of the illness. It’s uncertain how long Her Royal Highness suffered from the disease since she always wears gloves in public.

Due to ill health, Her Majesty cancelled several important meetings. She tested positive for the Coronavirus months following mysterious health problems.

Crowning of the New King

Traditionally, a new heir to the throne will replace a deceased king or queen. Prince Charles is the eldest of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children. He will be proclaimed the new king on Saturday. He is the oldest monarch to inherit the throne at the age of 73 in British history.

The formal recognition will arise from the professed Accession Council, typically summoned within 24 hours of a sovereign’s death. The assembly includes Privy Council members who are the royal’s most trusted advisers.

Flags can be seen flying at half mast as the nation commences a period of national mourning. There will be a suspension of normal politics as tributes to the Queen come in from around the world.

The Queen’s coffin will be situated in Westminster Hall in London before her state funeral and will be announced by a public holiday.

Image Source: Commonwealth Secretariat/Flickr


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