NFL is Gaining More Recognition Among European Fans

NFL is Gaining More Recognition Among European Fans

The National Football League (NFL) is becoming more welcomed throughout Europe and avid fans would love to witness Germany and London play.

European Football Aficionados Go Gaga Over NFL

Millions of European football fans can’t contain their excitement to watch the National Football League (NFL) live. London stays as the NFL’s European headquarters as it upholds its crusade for worldwide dominance.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell designated an exalted objective. At the March owners’ meeting in 2010, he asserted an annual revenue of $25 billion by 2027. Currently, the NFL’s annual proceed was $8.35 billion.

Before the pandemic struck, its continuous growth reached $15.26 billion in 2019. Last year, the NFL teams contributed $11.1 billion. However, that figure doesn’t encompass the chartbuster $110 billion (£96 bn) TV rights resource endorsed last year.

Four days before the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI bowed down to Los Angeles Rams, Goodell was notified of his aim.

“We don’t look at that number as the objective, honestly. When we look at how we want the league to grow, we measure it in a lot of different ways. Most importantly, the fan base itself – how are we growing the game on a global basis? We expect to have close to 200million fans here in the United States, but our real objective is how do we grow the game globally,” said Goodell in his yearly address.

Lambeau Field, Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers (Paul Cutler/WikimediaCommons)

A Successful Experiment

In 2007, NFL held its initial regular season game in London and is now an official annual visitor with 33 games doing the rounds to date. It has been a successful experiment which helped the American football league generate its own $922.5 million at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s 62,850-seater.

On the other side of the capital, the Jacksonville Jaguars will renew its relationship with Wembley Stadium until at least 2024. It has 27,000 extra seats and is owned by Fulham supremo Shad Khan. The Jags are the dominant visitors to London with eight times of play-offs since 2013.

Advertisers Pay More for NFL Ad

Ad listing for this year’s NFL season went over 90% sold out throughout the networks at close to twice the digit ad rate increase. It could upsurge total TV NFL advertising sales earnings about to $7 billion.

“Advertisers are reportedly paying more than $850,000 for 30-second in-game commercials on NBC’s Sunday Night Football in many of the matchups, and also in the nationally televised Sunday late afternoon games on CBS and Fox, and those rates are expected to rise even more for remaining unsold inventory once the season begins and demand increases,” according to TVNewsCheck.

The American football league signed new, long-term media agreements last year valued at $112 billion. However, it can withdraw from its deals with Comcast, Fox, Viacom/CBS, and Disney after the 2029 season.

Live sports are what sports fans want to watch. If this kind of trend lingers, the league will be reaping more money than its previous revenue.


Image Source: Thomas/WikimediaCommons

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