France to Supply More Winter Gas to Germany – Macron

France to Supply More Winter Gas to Germany – Macron

Winter is fast approaching and more gas is needed to keep every household warm. Russia already put a plug in its pipeline, cutting gas supply to European countries. France will save the day by rigging winter gas to Germany.

France Prepares to Supply Winter Gas to Germany

To supply winter gas to Germany, France is preparing its disused pipeline in the northeastern Moselle administrative section. It was originally constructed for east-to-west flows and will be used to deliver gas to Germany under an energy agreement.

France can dispatch 130 gigawatt hours per day, while Germany, in return, will provide France power in case of difficult supplies mid-winter.

President Emmanuel Macron is on the spot to beef up France’s power imports using the country’s state-run power titan EDF. It struggles with extreme several nuclear reactor outages, exacerbating Europe’s energy crisis.

Germany, on the other hand, was at the forefront of Russian cuts to European gas supplies. This resulted in setbacks that continuous low Russian volumes can result in winter deficiencies. European leaders have discussed the necessity to roll out a united front to counter the consequences from Russia’s actions.

“Macron is under pressure because of the electricity situation in France. So the signal ‘Germany and France support each other’ is important. We do not expect that France will solve our gas problems. But every possible delivery of gas is a sign to the markets that we will pull through the winter,” said a German government source.

The interconnector’s reactivation will enable France to supply Germany with up to 2o terawatt hours (TWh) of gas fromits reserves. This is equivalent to almost 2% of the gas requirements of Europe’s biggest economy. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and discontinued Russian deliveries, gas usually streamed from east to west througout the continent.

Germany already receives gas from France generally through Switzerland or Belgium. West-to-east cascading via the Moselle interconnector is a first.

France Supports Brussel’s Gas Price Ceiling Scheme

France supports the plan of Brussels regarding a gas price ceiling on gas supply from Russia. It also includes the premium tax on excess energy profits while Europe resorts to control soaring energy costs and retaliate from Moscow threats.

European leaders are battling an energy crisis that drives economic furore throughout the bloc. They are also trying to contain the clustering of huge cost tensions on its million consumers and businesses.

“If the Commission were to decide to implement a price cap on natural gas purchased via pipelines from Russia, France would support such a measure,” said French President Emmanuel Macron.


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