Spain PM Pedro Sánchez Visits Western Balkan Countries, Expresses EU Membership Support

Spain PM Pedro Sánchez Visits Western Balkan Countries, Expresses EU Membership Support

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez paid the Western Balkan countries a visit to encourage them to pursue their EU membership. He visited Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visiting Western Balkan Countries to Encourage EU Membership

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is far from over, pushing Western Balkan countries to become a European Union member. Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez visited Skopje in North Macedonia and congratulated Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski for the discussions about the process.

He noted that the country is now a step nearer to the wanted objective. Additionally, North Macedonia can depend on Spain’s assistance for the following stages of EU membership.

“You have done the right thing, you have unblocked the road that will undoubtedly lead North Macedonia to where it belongs, which is the European Union. North Macedonia is European both geographically and historically. And now you are one step closer to your longed-for goal,” said Sánchez in a press conference.

Excellent Bilateral Relations Between Spain and North Macedonia

Kovachevski stated that Spain’s prime minister’s visit is a manifestation of almost 30 years of excellent bilateral relations between Spain and North Macedonia.

“We are ready for the EU and are moving forward with a firm step toward full membership of the union. It is a process from which we will not give up, because our place is in the EU. We have closed a chapter and are opening a new, European one, in which we will share a European future with our friends, such as Spain,” Kovachevski said.

Meanwhile, Sánchez assured Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic that his country has what it takes to become a great representation of the EU alliance in the Western Balkans.

Sánchez also supported Sarajevo’s EU ambitions and requested leaders minimize internal tensions. Moreover, he implored them to discuss and move forward together on the reforms necessary to become a member. So far, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country ultimately behind on its EU membership bid. It hasn’t yet accomplished candidate status.

Each Balkan nation differs in stages in terms of the EU accession procedure. Nevertheless, EU officials continue to encourage each government to proceed with reforms despite concerns over Russia’s endeavours to heighten its dominance in the region.

Today, the Spanish prime minister will visit Albania but excluded Kosovo. Spain doesn’t acknowledge the country’s independence from Serbia.

Image Source: European Parliament/WikimediaCommons
(Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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