Greece Confident About Gas Security Even If Russia Curbs Supply

Greece Confident About Gas Security Even If Russia Curbs Supply

Greece is confident about its gas security even if Russia curbs its supply in the coming months.

Not Worried About Gas Security Even if Gas Supply Cuts Off

Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas exclaimed that the country isn’t worried about its gas security even if Russia decided to cut its distribution. He added that Greece’s next payment to Gazprom will be due this month. Gazprom is a state-owned gas supplier. The arrangement will secure supplies with no time limit if enough gas is available on the global market.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a directive requiring foreign buyers to pay in rubles for Russian gas starting April 1st. Else, the government will terminate the contract if no payments are made. The mandate raised concern over gas sources throughout Europe.

Under the contingency scheme, Greece would obtain additional quantities of liquefied gas and change four gas-fired electricity plants to diesel. Moreover, it will escalate Azeri gas purchases and reserved coal-fired generating capacity can be started.

“The next payment is around April 20, but we can’t wait until then to see what will happen. With all these, and if there are available gas quantities in world markets, … there will be no time limit in terms of security of supplies,” said Skrekas.

Europe Might Use Malaysian Palm Oil After All

Putin forces European countries to pay in rubles for Russian gas. At the same time, the European Union expresses concerns about sunflower and rapeseed oil shortages.

Most European countries are now considering lifting the ban on palm oil. It’s not just due to the sunflower and rapeseed oils shortage. It’s also because Ukraine and Russia accommodate 70% of the supplies. That’s a double disaster for Europe following a sequence of business and economic sanctions pressed on Russia for attacking Ukraine.

It seems that Russia has the advantage. However, Western nations and companies alike have disregarded the notion of paying for gas in rubles. They said it’s a breach of contract, which was agreed in euro.

Russia delivers nearly a third of Europe’s gas supply. For this reason, energy is the most powerful tool in Putin’s disposition. He is attempting to counter the extensive Western sanctions over his Ukraine invasion. France and Germany, in particular, are readying to possibly stop receiving Russian gas flow.

Due to unprecedented circumstances, European nations are not expecting that they will reverse their sanction on palm oil. They stopped using Malaysian palm oil believing that the Asian country is into deforestation to make way for palm tree plantations. This endeavour strips animals of their homes, especially orangutans which also results in greenhouse gas emissions.

Because of the unwarranted reports, two major Malaysian firms stopped exporting palm products to the US and some European nations. The establishment of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysian Palm Oil Council, and Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council will tackle anti-palm oil propaganda.

Cooking Oil as Airliner Fuel

An aeroplane can possibly fly on cooking oil as fuel. Airbus proved this when it conducted an A380 flight using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). It used cooking oil and other waste fats.

The giant aircraft took off from Blagnac Airport in Toulouse, France. It ascended at around 08:43 local time on Friday (March 25). The MSN 1 as they call it, flew for nearly three hours, running on a Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine and sustainable fuel.

Another flight took off on Tuesday (March 29) and was the third Airbus aircraft model to fly on 100% SAF over the last year and the largest. For this month, the Airbus A380 flight used 27 tonnes of unblended SAF provided by TotalEnergies, a petroleum firm. The fuel contains chiefly of cooking oil and other waste fats.

“Increasing the use of SAF remains a key pathway to achieving the industry’s ambition of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” Airbus explains in its statement.

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