France, Germany Eye Stricter Rules Versus Terrorism in Europe

France, Germany Eye Stricter Rules Versus Terrorism in Europe

France and Germany are urging to tighten the borders within the European Union (EU) after eight people were suspected killed in several areas in just one month.

A report by Reuters quoting French President Emmanuel Macron as saying on Wednesday said that Europe must respond to what he called the “threat of terrorism.”

This after eight people were killed in just one month in the cities of Paris and Nice in France, as well as in Vienna, Austria.

“The threat of terrorism weighs on all of Europe. We must respond,” he said after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and other top officials in Brussels.

“To reform Schengen is to allow free movement in security,” he added.

Merkel agreed with Macron in a move for stricter controls along with the external parts of the Schengen area which brings 26 countries together, including most EU members as well as Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

“It is vitally necessary to know who comes in and who leaves the Schengen area,” Merkel was quoted as saying.

The government representatives recommended stricter demands on online platforms to combat terrorism, setting up a special institute to train Muslims, and being able to effectively deport people with no claim to asylum in Europe as well as criminals and extremists.

It can be learned that three people were earlier stabbed to death in a church in Nice, while one French teacher was beheaded by an 18-year-old Muslim outside a school in Paris who was said to have been irked by the teacher’s showing of a caricature of Prophet Muhammad while in class.

In Austria, four people were killed in Vienna while 22 others were injured. Fourteen people believed to have involvement in the murder were arrested by authorities.

Austrian authorities ordered tight security in the capital and launched a manhunt for any other potential attackers despite Interior Minister Karl Nehammer claiming that there was no indication a second assailant had been involved.

They now believe that the gunman acted alone, but that the possibility of other attackers could not be ruled out.

Police are now reviewing some 20,000 mobile videos of what happened.

Militant group Islamic State claimed in a video that it was behind the attacks, although it could not provide any proof.

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