Spain’s Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Goes Up Again after Declining for 3 Days

Spain’s Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Goes Up Again after Declining for 3 Days

The Spanish government says it is expecting to see a decline in the country’s coronavirus epidemic.

The daily death toll of COVID-19 in Spain began growing once again on Sunday, after it had been going down for the preceding three days.

Spain, which together with Italy has been the worst-hit country in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic, saw a total of 619 new coronavirus fatalities in the past 24-hour period, up from 510 the previous day.

A total of 16,972 coronavirus deaths have been registered in Spain so far. The number of confirmed case grew by more than 4,000 reaching 166,000, which is a smaller increase than the one on Saturday, according to the Spanish health ministry, as cited by Reuters.

In comparison, Italy has about 10,000 fewer COVID-19 cases but its overall death toll is nearing 20,000.

Although the Spanish health authorities have stated that the epidemic in the country has peaked, they have still insisted that the population continues to adhere strictly to the measures of the national lockdown imposed on March 14.

So far the lockdown is set to last until April 25. However, Spain’s government has made it clear that it is going to extend it by another two weeks.

Under the restrictions in question, people are not allowed to go outside except to go work, buy food or medicine, or briefly walk their dog.

Speaking at parliament last week, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez urged all sides in the country to join an economic revival fact, similar to the national unity the country saw after the death of dictator Francisco Franco back in the 1970s.

Sanchez cited latest data showing Spain was close to the start of a decline in its coronavirus epidemic.

“This war against the virus will be a total victory … the fire starts to come under control,” he said, as cited by Reuters and France24.

The prime minister said measures to curb the COVID-19 disease — some of the toughest in Europe — have helped save many lives and slashed the proportional daily increase in new infections to 4% from 22%.

“All Europe arrived late but Spain acted earlier,” he said, referring to the restrictions imposed in mid-March.

“We are starting to see the end of this long road to the new normal,” he said, while warning that normality could not be complete until a vaccine was found against the coronavirus.

The government’s proposed new economic deal is inspired by the 1977 “Pacts of Moncloa” — named for the presidential palace in Madrid, which set out to transform the then state-run economy along market lines for the post-Franco democratic era.

It seeks to unite political parties, unions, companies and regions behind a common economic reconstruction policy and state welfare funding as Spain, like other western nations, piles billions of euros into aid and stimulus.

“I propose a great pact for the economic and social reconstruction of Spain, for all the political forces who want to lend their shoulder to take part,” said Sanchez, a Socialist who leads a leftist coalition government after a series of inconclusive elections.

The leader of the main opposition People’s Party, Pablo Casado, said Sanchez did not have sufficient moral authority.

“The appeal for a pact doesn’t seem sincere,” he told parliament.

(Banner image: Pedro Sanchez on Twitter)

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