Labour Party Reveals Brexit Strategy

Labour Party Reveals Brexit Strategy

As the UK Parliament closes today ahead of the December 12th General Election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, is due to unveil his Party’s Brexit plan.

The official start of the election campaign is at midnight, tomorrow Wednesday.

Mr. Corbyn in his first election speech last week pledged that if in power, his party would ‘get Brexit sorted’ within six months.

On the campaign trail today in the Essex city of Harlow in the South East of England, he will urge voters to get behind him.

He will say that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to ‘hijack Brexit in order to sell out the National Health Service.’

In the speech he will say that ‘an incoming Labour Party will first secure a sensible deal.’

Details of a planned referendum will be outlined where voters will be given the chance to vote on leaving with the ‘sensible deal’ or remaining in the EU.

Mr. Corbyn will say the proposed deal will take no longer than 3 months to finalize and will be based on terms already discussed with the EU. These terms are to include ‘a new customs union and a close single market relationship.’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused Mr. Corbyn and his party of causing ‘dither and delay’ on Brexit should they plan to negotiate a new deal. In a letter to the Labour leader, he called on him to ‘come clean’ on his parties plans for Brexit.

In the letter, the Prime Minister also accused him of failing to honour the result of the 2016 referendum.

Meanwhile, Leader of the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson has ruled out the possibility of a coalition with the Labour party due to what she has described as uncertainty around the Party’s Brexit stance.

A majority of 320 MPs is needed to form a British Government. The Liberal Democrats currently have 20 MPs.

Ms. Swinson has expressed her frustration that she is to be excluded from a planned television election debate.

Legal action has been threated by the Liberal Democrats against free-to-air British television channel ITV. The broadcaster is due to broadcast a debate between the Prime Minister and the Labour Leader on November 19th.

It will be the first live debate of the campaign.

Ms. Swinson said her party is determined that the television debates that take place, ‘cannot and should not exclude the only woman leader who is able to be the next Prime Minister.’

She said that as the leader of the biggest anti-Brexit party it is ‘a nonsense’ that debates should go ahead with what she described as, ‘Leave versus leave with no voice for remain whatsoever. ‘

She retweeted a post from Sky News outlining the broadcasters plans to include her in a live election debate alongside the Prime Minister and Mr. Corbyn on November 28th.

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