May to Make Fourth and Last Try to Pass EU – UK Brexit Deal in Early June

May to Make Fourth and Last Try to Pass EU – UK Brexit Deal in Early June

The British leader still hopes to realize Brexit before the summer.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is going to have the British Parliament hold a fourth and potentially last vote on whether to approve the existing EU – UK Brexit deal in early June, her office announced.

The Brexit deal that May negotiated with the EU leaders has already been rejected by the House of Commons of the British Parliament three times.

The EU has already granted the UK two Brexit extensions, with present deadline set for October 31, 2019.

May is going to have the British Parliament vote one more time on her Brexit deal regardless of whether her Conservative Cabinet and the main opposition Labor Party have reached an agreement on it by the time the vote is held, Downing Street said, as cited by BBC News.

May’s office added that a new vote on the Brexit deal was “imperative” if the UK wanted to leave the European Union before the summer break of the MPs.

It added that if the Brexit deal got defeated one more time, the UK was set to leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, the so called hard Brexit, or possibly for canceling Brexit altogether by revoking article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

The reason for that is that the EU would hardly be willing to grant Britain a third extension beyond October 31.

Negotiations aimed at finding a cross-party compromise have been underway in the UK after the existing Brexit deal with the EU was rejected for the third time.

The upcoming fourth Brexit deal vote of the British Parliament in early June would likely be the last attempt to pass it as government sources are cited as saying that there would not be a fifth try if the withdrawal agreement is voted down once again.

UK Prime Minister and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn met on Tuesday evening with respect to the cross-party talks, and had a discussion that was “both useful and constructive”, according to May’s office.

“[May has demonstrated the government’s] determination to bring the talks to a conclusion and deliver on the referendum result to leave the EU,” a Downing Street spokesman said.

“[Corbyn, however] raised doubts over the credibility of government commitments, following statements by Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers seeking to replace the prime minister,” a Labor Party spokesman is quoted as saying.

Corbyn called for “further movement” leading May’s team to commit to coming up with “further proposals tomorrow”.

Despite the lack of cross-party agreement, UK leader May is still trying to bring about Brexit before the summer by getting the British Parliament to pass the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

“It is now time for Parliament to make a decision, reflecting the manifestos of both the Conservative and Labor parties at the last general election and to deliver Brexit in the way that the public were promised,” Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay commented.

Barclay referred to the commitment made by both the Tories and Labor in their manifestos prior to the 2017 British general election to respect the results from the June 2016 Brexit referendum.

The potential approval of May’s Brexit deal with the EU by the UK Parliament remains uncertain at best given that the agreement was modified once, between its first and second rejection but has remained the same since then.

“If the prime minister brings the withdrawal bill to the Commons for a vote, the question will be, ‘What has changed?’, Nigel Dodds, parliamentary leader of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party which is the Tories’ coalition partner, is quoted as asking.

“Unless she can demonstrate something new that addresses the problem of the backstop, then it is highly likely her deal will go down to defeat once again,” he added, referring to the most controversial part of the Brexit deal that is supposed to prevent a hard border between Ireland and the UK (Northern Ireland).

(Banner image: Theresa May on Twitter)

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