Juncker Sends Yet Another ‘EU’s Out of Patience’ Warning to UK over Brexit

Juncker Sends Yet Another ‘EU’s Out of Patience’ Warning to UK over Brexit

The EC President has not commented on the possibility of a second Brexit referendum in the UK.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, the EU executive, has once again urged the UK to take decisive action on the Brexit process, warning that the patience of the European Union might be running out.

With the British Parliament still undecided about the UK’s path forward in the Brexit process after it rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the EU for the third time at the end of last week, Juncker made it clear he was getting fed up with the situation.

“With our British friends we have a lot of patience, but even patience is running out,” Juncker told Italian TV RAI on Sunday, as cited by Reuters.

“So far we know what the British parliament says no to, but we don’t know what it might say yes to,” he added.

The EC President urged the British Parliament to make a decision on a path forward with Brexit “in the coming hours and days.”

He refused to comment on the possibilities of the UK holding a second Brexit referendum.

“That concerns the British only,” Juncker declared, as cited by Reuters.

The People’s Vote campaign has been seeking to initiate a second Brexit referendum, while an online petition to cancel Brexit has amassed more than 6 million signatures of UK citizens on the website of the British Parliament.

After he and European Council President Donald Tusk negotiated with British leader May the amendments to the original Brexit deal, the EC chief told the British to take the second Brexit deal in question because they would not get a new one.

In his joint press conference with Tusk after the EU 27 leaders agreed to give Britain an extension on Brexit, Juncker seemingly joked with the Brexit situation.

As per the Brexit delay granted by the EU, the UK has until April 12 to either make a definitive decision on adopting May’s deal or going for a no-deal exit, or to seek another extension from the Union.

In the latter scenario, it would have to participate in the upcoming European Parliament elections on May 23-26, 2019.

The British Parliament is going to hold another round of indicative votes on Brexit options on Monday, including a customs union with the EU, an alternative ruled out by Prime Minister May.

(Banner image:Jean-Claude Juncker on Twitter)

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