1 Million Brits March for Second Brexit Referendum in London

1 Million Brits March for Second Brexit Referendum in London

Saturday’s rally has become the largest anti-Brexit demonstration ever, and the second largest protest in London to date.

Some 1 million protesters have participated in a massive demonstration demanding a second Brexit referendum in the UK capital London, according to the rally’s organizers from the People’s Vote campaign.

The “Put It to the People” March in London on Saturday came amidst continuing uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit process after the decision of the the EU 27 leaders agreed to delay Brexit in response to Wednesday’s request by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

As per the conclusions of the European Council Summit, the European Union granted the UK an extension on Brexit from the originally set date of March 29, 2019.

The Brexit extension will be until May 22, the day before the 2019 EU Elections, if the British Parliament approves next week UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s amended Brexit deal with the Union, or until April 12, if the legislature in London fails to do so.

May herself has repeatedly ruled out holding a second Brexit referendum, arguing that the British people have already had their say with the original Brexit vote.

However, a petition to cancel Brexit on the petitions site of the British Parliament has gathered over 3 million signatures in no time.

“The best deal is no Brexit” and “We demand a People’s Vote” were some of the slogans raised on banners and chanted by the participants in the second Brexit referendum march in London, which brought together more than 1 million people, its organizers alleged.

The figure of over 1 million demonstrators for a second Brexit referendum could not be verified as the UK police refused to offer a number but the rally was so massive that part of the participants had to be diverted away from its main route, Reuters reported.

Saturday’s march has become the largest anti-Brexit protest to date, surpassing an anti-Brexit rally from October 2018 when about 700,000 participated, and the second largest in London after the February 2003 rally against the Iraq War when close to 2 million are believed to have taken part.

The pro-EU“Put it to the people” march started at Marble Arch on the edge of London’s Hyde Park around midday, then proceeded to Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and past the prime minister’s office in Downing Street, and culminated at the Houses of Parliament.

On Parliament Square, the crowd was addressed by politicians from different formations, including Prime Minister May’s ruling Conservative Party.

These include Tom Watson, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, who participated in spite of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s unwillingness to official back a second Brexit referendum, as well as Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party.

(Banner image: Video grab from Sky News)

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