Joe McNamee, European Digital Rights (EDRi) EU Director on dealing with Internet crimes

EU Director of the European Digital Rights (EDRi) about dealing with Internet crimes

On the occasion of Digital Agenda Assembly we meet Joe McNamee, to talk about following issues:

– Usefulness of Data Retention Directive
– EU firewall against criminality and terrorism
– Blocking child abuse material
– Illegal download and control of ISP
– Two-tier Internet

EDRi has a strong position on blocking websites to fight crime and terrorism. Our guest stresses that the core problem is that content cannot be blocked, it can be only restricted. He also emphasize that blocking does not solve the real problem.

Joe McNamee: “[Blocking child abuse material in the Internet] is much worse than useless, because it uses financial resources and political will to achieve something which does not actually (…) deal with the real problem.”

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